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Depending on project location or land management mandates, potential impacts to plants and vegetation resources may have to be addressed.  Plant community analyses are also an important component of species-specific plant and wildlife habitat mapping and assessments.  Along with routine Threatened and Endangered species surveys, ACS plant specialists have conducted vegetation studies associated with a myriad of small- and large-scale developments and management plans.  Such studies typically include evaluations of community composition,
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land classification, vegetation health, invasive species, plant density, vegetative cover, and the like.
With decades of experience, ACS vegetation specialists are able to provide a full suite of plant-related services, including:  
  Threatened and Endangered plant surveys
  Baseline plant inventories
  Wetland delineations
  Vegetation mapping
  Lesser Prairie-chicken habitat analyses (WAFWA protocol)
  Long-term vegetation studies
  Reclamation plans and monitoring
  Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs)
  Rangeland health analyses
  Invasive species surveys and management plans
  Restoration studies
  Functional assessments