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Cultural Resources
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ACS provides a full range of cultural resource management services for both public and private sector clients.  Our experienced archaeologists and cultural resource specialists are highly skilled in identifying and evaluating cultural properties and archaeological sites in accordance with all local and national environmental laws and regulations.  Further, the ACS cultural resources staff are well versed in coordinating with management agencies to determine the significance of encountered resources and developing the most effective
plans to preserve or mitigate impacts to them.
The professional cultural resource services provided by ACS include:
  Class I, II, and III cultural resource surveys
  National Historic Preservation Act and National Environmental Policy Act compliance
  Archaeological reconnaissance, survey, and testing
  Archaeological monitoring, data recovery, and mitigation
  Tribal consultations and ethnographic studies
  Permit planning and licensing
  Evaluations of historic structures and built environments
  National Register of Historic Places nominations
  Historic Preservation Plans
  HABS/HAER/HALS documentation
  GIS and spatial analyses of archaeological and historic resources
  Archival preservations