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windmill2When you contract with ACS, you are not only getting unsurpassed technical expertise, you also receive a degree of dedication that can only come from a staff that truly believes in the work they are doing. Our work will not only withstand the most stringent scrutiny, but also reflect favorably on the wind industry through its high level of professionalism. ACS is a full-service environmental consulting company with a strong background in the following disciplines:

bulletLocal ordinance and constraint review
bullet Agency consultation
bulletPre-and post-construction plant and wildlife surveys
bullletArchaeological surveys and cultural resource management
bulletFull National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance and documentation
bulletUltrasonic bat detection and analyses, including X-band radar interface
bulletEndangered species mitigation
bulletStorm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Nationwide and Individual Permits, wetlands delineation
bulletPhase I Environmental Site Assessments
bulletHigh-angle cliff face and cave surveys
bulletFull GIS and graphics support, including viewshed simulations and analyses